Big News!

Big News!

In the delightful month of March, Artful Treasures flourished, and I am overflowing with gratitude for the journey it has taken. As the heart and soul behind this endeavor, I, Asha, find immense pride in the growth of my small business – one that I have nurtured from its humble beginnings and continue to shepherd forward with passion and dedication.

My greatest joy lies in the art of crafting personalized treasures for my valued customers, each piece a labor of love and a testament to their unique visions. A little about myself: I am a devoted mother, juggling the responsibilities of parenthood alongside a part-time job while single-handedly managing this venture. The need to share my creations with the world drove me to seize the first opportunity that resonated with my aspirations.On the memorable date of March 11th, a pivotal milestone was reached as Artful Treasures secured a spot at the charming BayOwns Vendor Market, nestled in the heart of Bayonne, New Jersey. This quaint storefront, reminiscent of the cozy shops adorning suburban streets, serves as a haven for local artisans, each showcasing their craft in a spirit of camaraderie and collaboration.

Furthermore, March 24th marked a significant achievement as Artful Treasures by Asha officially attained LLC status, a testament to the strides made in our journey of growth and development. The realization of this milestone fills me with boundless joy and a deep sense of accomplishment.

As I reflect on the path traveled thus far, I am humbled by the unwavering support of our patrons and the community at large. Your belief in the Artful Treasures vision fuels our passion and inspires us to reach new heights of creativity and excellence.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Asha Owner, Artful Treasures

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