Welcome to Artful Treasures, where we offer a diverse range of handcrafted products to enhance your everyday experiences:

Explore our collection of unique epoxy resin items, including keychains and other growing products such as

Stationery Items:
Discover our selection of stationery essentials, including notebooks, pens, paperweights, bookmarks, and phone stands.

Kitchen Accessories:
Elevate your culinary space with our kitchen accessories, featuring coasters with holder, serving trays, charcuterie utensils, and bottle openers.

Seasonal Decor:
Celebrate the seasons with our charming Christmas ornaments and figurines.

Home Fragrance Accessories:
Create a cozy atmosphere with our range of home fragrance accessories, including incense holders, candle holders, tea-light holders, and Diyas.

Smoker's Choice Accessories:
Find convenience and style with our selection of smoker's choice accessories, including car cup ash trays, ash trays, and rolling trays.

Drinkware Selection:
Sip in style with our assortment of drinkware options, such as 16 oz glass can cups, 16 oz mugs, special edition glass cups with dome lids, and heart-shaped glass cups with heart sequins. Customize your cups with our UV DTF cup wraps, featuring LED-curable UV inks that bond to coated plastic film.

Artistic Offerings:
Experience the creativity of our hand-painted media, including paint media, canvas bundles, and custom sneaker designs tailored to your vision.

Seasonal Gift Boxes:
Browse our carefully curated seasonal gift boxes, featuring simple yet meaningful items crafted from the media used in our shop.

Explore our collection today and discover the perfect pieces to complement your lifestyle.

Feel free to customize and adjust the content according to your preferences and branding guidelines and be sure to know that some of the items sold at Artful Treasures are already pre-customized!

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