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Bezeled Earring ‘Dainty Heart’

Bezeled Earring ‘Dainty Heart’

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Dainty Helio:

Discover the charm of these petite treasures, inspired by the "heliotrope flower's" blend of pink and purple hues, symbolizing devotion and eternal love. Ideal for Valentine's Day, they effortlessly capture hearts with timeless elegance. Elevate your gift-giving with these beauties, a perfect expression of affection.


 Dainty Pink:

Embrace the tenderness of these delicate pastel pink hearts, exuding a soft and gentle allure that's undeniably cute. Their pure and gentle tone of pink effortlessly captures hearts, making them the perfect adornment for a touch of sweetness this Valentine's Day.


Dainty Black:

Enhance your style with a touch of sophistication through these elegant black hearts. Their dainty design exudes class, offering a perfect blend of charm and refinement. Elevate your look effortlessly with these timeless and versatile accessories, adding a dash of understated allure to your ensemble this Valentine’s Day.

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