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Valentine’s Day (kids) Gift Box 🎁

Valentine’s Day (kids) Gift Box 🎁

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Valentine’s Day Heart shaped gift box (Made-to-order) 🎁 which includes:

- A ‘Forever Teddy” made of pure epoxy resin sealed with a cute little bow tie. 

- 1 scratch-off love coupon

- small pink drawstring bag filled with capsule love notes

- 1 Rose Quartz pink healing chakra heart shaped crystal

- 3 pink fortune cookies 

- a crocheted mini candy heart key chain

- candy hearts and candy 

- a mini mason jar filled with Strawberry hot cocoa mix, with valentines colored sprinkles and strawberry flavored marshmallows. It also includes a print out with directions to enjoy your strawberry hot cocoa 

***If you’d like any special specific candy inside of your box (due to any allergy) you are more than welcome to email me with your order number and let me know what you’d specifically like to add to your box.***

All wrapped in either a beautiful Red Heart shaped Box tied with red ribbon or a square box covered in heart designs. ❤️🎁🎀

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